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Subject: 25.3244, Calls: English, Phonetics, Phonology/France

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Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 16:11:15
From: Anne Przewozny [anne.przewozny at univ-tlse2.fr]
Subject: PAC 2015

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Full Title: PAC 2015 
Short Title: PAC 2015 

Date: 09-Apr-2015 - 13-Apr-2015
Location: Toulouse, France 
Contact Person: Anne Przewozny
Meeting Email: anne.przewozny at univ-tlse2.fr
Web Site: http://www.projet-pac.net 

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics; Phonology 

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Call Deadline: 15-Nov-2014 

Meeting Description:

Conference Title: PAC 2015

Full title: Variation, change and spoken corpora: advances in the phonology and phonetics of contemporary English

We are very pleased to announce the 11th “Phonology of Contemporary English” conference, to be held at the University of Toulouse 2 - Jean Jaurès, Toulouse France, from 9 to 13 April 2015 (Thursday-Monday).

Keynote Speakers (in Alphabetical Order):

Maciej Baranowski (University of Manchester, England)
Gerard Docherty (Griffith University, Australia)
Mariko Kondo (Waseda University, Japan)
Jane Stuart-Smith (University of Glasgow, Scotland)
Eiji Yamada (Fukuoka University, Japan)

The PAC conferences have been organized each year in Toulouse, Montpellier or Aix-en-Provence since 2004. PAC ''La Phonologie de l’Anglais Contemporain: usages, variétés et structure / The Phonology of Contemporary English: usage, varieties and structure'' is a programme coordinated by Philip Carr, Jacques Durand and Anne Przewozny. Its main aims have been to provide a better picture of spoken English in its unity and diversity (geographical, social and stylistic), to test phonological and phonetic models from a synchronic and diachronic point of view, making room for the systematic study of variation, to favour communication between specialists in speech and in phonological theory, to provide data and analyses which will help improve the teaching of English as a foreign language. We have been involved in the construction of a corpus of spoken English from 31 locations in the English-speaking world. In terms of linguistic study, the recordings lend themselves to various types of exploitation, including syntax and pragmatics. The PAC programme has developed into a variety of thematic research groups with dedicated research interests:
 ICE-IPAC (the Interphonology of Contemporary English), PAC-Syntax (the syntax, semantics and pragmatics of contemporary spoken English), PAC-Prosody (analysis of speech prosody and tools), PAC-Research (annotation issues and tools), PAC-EFL (the teaching of English as a second language and pedagogical tools), LVTI (Language, Urban life, Work, Identity) on the study of English in urban contexts. http://www.projet-pac.net

Main Organisers:

Anne Przewozny, Steven Moore, Jacques Durand (CLLE-ERSS & Department of English Studies, U. Toulouse 2), Philip Carr (EMMA & Department of English Studies, U. Montpellier 3)

Local Organisation Committee:

Willy Beaujean, Hugo Chatellier, Léa Courdès-Murphy, Lison Fabre, Cécile Viollain, Sylvain Navarro, Inès Brulard-Carr, Daniel Huber, Amélie Josselin-Leray

Language of the conference: English
Venue: Maison de la Recherche, University of Toulouse 2 - Jean Jaurès

Call for Papers:

The conference will be structured in plenary sessions, thematic workshops, open parallel sessions and poster sessions during four days. The thematic workshops will be devoted to stress in English (from lexical to utterance), the corpus-based study of sociophonetic variation and change, urban dialectology, prosodic annotation and tools, interphonology. Papers on these topics are therefore welcome. Nevertheless, papers can be submitted on all other aspects of the phonology and phonetics of contemporary English ranging from a theoretical to a practical perspective. As modern spoken corpora allow exploitations from a variety of angles, we also welcome papers which explore the interface between phonology and morphology, syntax, semantics or pragmatics.

Guidelines for Abstracts (Oral Presentations as Well as Posters):

Abstracts can be submitted until 15 November 2014. Three peers from our international scientific committee will review each abstract anonymously. Notification of acceptance will be sent by email on 15 January 2014. You are requested to submit a fully anonymised abstract through the Easy Abstracts facility of the Linguist List at http://linguistlist.org/easyabs/PAC2015. Abstracts should be in PDF format, they should be no longer than one side of A4, with 2.5cm or one inch margins, single-spaced, with a font size no smaller than 12, and with normal character spacing. Please state the category of presentation for which you wish to apply (oral, poster, oral or poster).
For more information please contact Anne Przewozny at anne.przewozny at univ-tlse2.fr, or check the website at http://www.projet-pac.net 

Dates to be Remembered:

First call for papers: 10 August 2014 
Second call for papers: 1 October 2014 
Deadline for abstracts: 15 November 2014 
Notification of acceptance: 15 January 2014

More information will be available shortly at http://www.projet-pac.net 
Contact: Anne Przewozny  anne.przewozny at univ-tlse2.fr

LINGUIST List: Vol-25-3244	


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