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Subject: 25.2843, Calls: Pragmatics, Semantics, Syntax/Germany

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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2014 11:57:07
From: Uli Sauerland [uli at alum.mit.edu]
Subject: Proportions and Quantities

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Full Title: Proportions and Quantities 
Short Title: AG 13 

Date: 04-Mar-2015 - 04-Mar-2015
Location: Leipzig, Germany 
Contact Person: Uli Sauerland
Meeting Email: uli at alum.mit.edu
Web Site: http://conference.uni-leipzig.de/dgfs2015/index.php?id=77 

Linguistic Field(s): Pragmatics; Semantics; Syntax 

Call Deadline: 31-Aug-2014 

Meeting Description:

The workshop is part of the 37th annual conference of the German Linguistics Society (DGfS) which will take place at the University of Leipzig from March 4-6, 2015. The workshop 'Proportion and Quantities' takes place on March 4 in the afternoon.

Invited Speakers:

Chris Kennedy, University of Chicago
Benjamin Spector, Institut Jean Nicod / ENS Paris

Workshop Convenor:

Uli Sauerland, ZAS, Berlin

Several current debates in syntax, semantics, and pragmatics concern expressions of proportion and quantity: bare numerals like 'three women' and just 'three', complex numerals like 'one hundred and twentytwo', modified numerals like 'at least three women' and 'more than three', pseudo-partitives 'three liters of water', and proportional quantifiers like 'one third of the women'.  Some of the controversial questions are the following:

(i) How does the ontology of quantity and proportion scales capture granularity? (e.g. Fox & Hackl, Ling & Phil. 2006, Krifka, CSLI Publ. 2009; Solt, Lang and Ling Comp. 2014)

(ii) What syntactic structures do numerals, modified numerals, (pseudo-)partitives, and quantity adjectives have? (e.g. Takahashi, Nat Lang Sem. 2003; Ionin & Matushansky, J o Sem. 2006; Gagnon, SALT 2013; Solt, J o Sem. 2014)

(iii) When and how do quantity/proportion expressions get both an upper- and lower-bounded  interpretation  (e.g. Geurts & Nouwen, Lang. 2007, Cummins et al., Ling & Phil. 2012;  Kennedy, Camb UP. 2013; Spector, Lang Ling Comp. 2013; Cohen & Krifka, Ling & Phil. 2014).

(iv) How does cross-linguistic variation in morphosyntax affect the interpretation of quantity and proportion specifications,  (e.g. Chierchia, Nat. Lang. Sem. 1998; Herburger, MIT Press 2000; Bale & Khanjian, Ling. Inq. 2014)

Call for Papers:

This workshop invites contributions on syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of proportion and quantity expressions, either on the four questions mentioned or on other questions relating to the theme of proportion and quantity.

We are particularly interested in research that cuts across the syntax-semantics-pragmatics boundaries.  Evidence from language variation and/or formal experiments have played some role in these debates, but in both areas rapid progress seems still possible.  Therefore contributions using evidence from language variation and/or formal experiments are especially encouraged to submit.

We invite submissions of one page abstracts for 20 minute talks (each followed by a 10 minute question period). A second page may be used for examples and references. Submission must be uploaded as PDF files to the EasyChair abstract submission system at the following address:


Selection decisions will be announced by September 15, 2014.

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