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Subject: 25.3046, FYI: Proceedings: Australian Linguistic Society 2013

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Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 11:18:23
From: Jill Vaughan [j.vaughan at unimelb.edu.au]
Subject: Proceedings: Australian Linguistic Society 2013

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The Australian Linguistics Society (ALS) Conference 2013 Committee is pleased to announce that 'Selected Papers from the 44th Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society, 2013' is now published online in the University of Melbourne’s online repository Minerva Access:


The volume contains 21 papers, all of which have been double blind peer-reviewed. Papers can be accessed individually from the following links:

- ‘I just relexified this one’: Translation processes in language revival texts, by Tonya Stebbins, Christina Eira and Vicki Couzens

- A benchmark for politeness, by Keith Allan

- A likelihood ratio-based forensic text comparison in predatory chatlog messages, by Shunichi Ishihara

- Acoustic observation for English speakers’ perception of a three-way laryngeal contrast of Korean stops, by Nahyun Kwon

- Alternating generations again again: A response to Wierzbicka on generation moieties, by David Nash

- Assessing the relationship between object topicalisation and the grammaticalisation of object agreement, by Stefan Schnell and Geoffrey Haig

- At benchmark? Evaluating the Northern Territory bilingual education program, by Samantha Disbray

- Digital humanities and language documentation, by Nick Thieberger

- Documenting unacknowledged inheritances in contemporary Australian English, by Jean Mulder and Cara Penry Williams

- Fieldwork and first language acquisition, by Barbara F. Kelly and Rachel Nordlinger

- Folklinguistic explorations of modals and quasi-modals in Australian English, by Alice Macfarlan

- He jumped off the bridge CAUS she told him to: Indirect speech as a means of expressing indirect causation in Wubuy, by Kate Horrack

- Incorporation in Wubuy, by Brett Baker

- Intonational marking of focus in Torau, by Kathleen Jepson

- Jawsome! – linguistic evidence for dual route models of language, by Peter Kipka

- Linguistic prehistory of the Australian boab, by Patrick McConvell, Thomas Saunders and Stef Spronck

- Loanwords between the Arandic languages and their western neighbours: Principles of identification and phonological adaptation, by Harold Koch

- On restrictions on the use of non-restrictive infinitival relative clauses in English, by Takanobu Akiyama

- Relative clauses in Australian English: A cross-varietal diachronic study, by Peter Collins

- Showing the story: Enactment as performance in Auslan narratives, by Gabrielle Hodge and Lindsay Ferrara

- Text and meter in a Lander Warlpiri song series, by Myfany Turpin and Mary Laughren

Many thanks to the authors, reviewers and The University of Melbourne repository team. 

Lauren Gawne and Jill Vaughan

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics


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