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Subject: 25.3074, Calls: Sociolinguistics, General Linguistics/USA

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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2014 13:53:36
From: Kris Knisely [krisknisely at gmail.com]
Subject: 22nd Annual Lavender Languages Conference

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Full Title: 22nd Annual Lavender Languages Conference 

Date: 13-Feb-2015 - 15-Feb-2015
Location: Washington, D.C., USA 
Contact Person: William Leap
Meeting Email: wlm at american.edu
Web Site: http://www.american.edu/cas/anthropology/lavender-languages/ 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Sociolinguistics 

Call Deadline: 01-Dec-2014 

Meeting Description:

Panel on Language Learning and Sexuality at the 22nd Annual Lavender Languages Conference
Location: Washington, D.C., USA
Dates: February 13–15, 2015
Website: http://www.american.edu/cas/anthropology/lavender-languages/


Lav 22 offers discussions of language and sexuality that draw on current debates in anthropological linguistics, sociolinguistics, sexuality studies, and queer theory to examine diverse voices and experiences.


The conference proudly maintains a 'no attitude' atmosphere. The conference setting is deliberately informal. The program includes many opportunities for formal and informal discussion. Fees are deliberately suppressed to ensure that registration is affordable for the widest possible audience. Conference activities take place in accessible sites. And, with sufficient advance notice, all events have sign-language support. No one attending Lav 22 need feel alone, out-of-place, or unloved.

Program Planning:

Already there are several sessions under development with titles and contact details, and session descriptions will soon follow. Your ideas for a session or your plans for your own, individual paper are welcome, of course. Contact the conference coordinator for details.

About the Choice of Conference Dates:

Lav 21 had to be compressed (from 3 days to 2) owing to a snowstorm and its effects on air travel. We considered changing the conference dates to a time later in the month or later in the spring. But truthfully, any date we select before spring break will coincide with the possibility of snowfall. And any date after spring break coincides with someone's national or regional meetings. The plan is to try Valentine's weekend again, hoping that snowflakes won't strike twice in the same place two years in a row. If we need to regroup on this policy after Lav 22, we will.


Information about campus logistics and information on accommodations is posted elsewhere on the website. Please note that we will once again negotiate a block of hotel rooms at a site convenient to campus and at a reasonable weekend rate. To confirm rooms at this rate, conference participants are asked to make reservations through the hotel website by mid-January. Details will be available at Accommodations.

Please message back (wlm at american.edu) at any time if you have questions about the conference program or related logistics.

Wlm L. Leap
Conference Coordinator
Lavender Languages 22

Call for Papers:

Deadline for proposal submission: December 1, 2014

Although considerations of identity have become increasingly present in the literature on language learning, sexuality remains infrequently discussed in this domain. This panel seeks to explore questions sexuality in language learning and welcomes proposals that treat this topic from a variety of theoretical perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds. Papers currently under development for this session engage with student sexual identity and sexuality-related perceptions of language varieties using Dörnyei’s theoretical L2 self-system. In this system, imagined future second language selves serve as a motivator or demotivator for language acquisition. Papers for this session may consider a range of topics in language learning and sexuality including, but not limited to, the treatment of sexuality in the language classroom, the sexuality of language learners and teachers, as well as students’ and teachers’ perceptions of foreign languages as sexualized. 

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be submitted to Kris Knisely, session organizer, by December 1, 2014. 

Contact: Kris Knisely (Emory University), krisknisely at gmail.com

Please see the ''Sessions Under Development'' web page for additional calls for papers:


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