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Subject: 25.3087, Calls: Language Acquisition/Japan

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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 13:52:48
From: Takako Kondo [tkondo at u-shizuoka-ken.ac.jp]
Subject: 15th Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Association

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Full Title: 15th Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Association 
Short Title: J-SLA 2015 

Date: 06-Jun-2015 - 07-Jun-2015
Location: Hiroshima, Japan 
Contact Person: Miki Shibata
Meeting Email: shibatam at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Web Site: http://www.j-sla.org/en/j-sla2015-call-for-papers/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition 

Call Deadline: 14-Feb-2015 

Meeting Description:

Dates: June 6 & 7, 2015
Place: Hiroshima University (http://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/index-j.html)

The Japan Second Language Association (J-SLA) invites proposals for our 15th Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Association (J-SLA 2015). J-SLA 2015 will be held at Hiroshima University, Japan. 

Plenary speakers: Dr. Holger Hopp (English Linguistics University of Mannheim, Germany)

Call for Papers:

Academic Areas:

Abstracts are invited for papers or poster presentations on any theoretical or empirical area of research in second language acquisition (SLA). The language of presentation may be either Japanese or English.


Oral presentation of papers will be allotted 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation, followed by 10 minutes for discussion).

Important Dates:

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: February 14, 2015
Notification of acceptance: February 28, 2015

Abstract Submission Procedure:

a. The length of the abstract should not exceed 1,600 characters in Japanese or 1,000 words in English.
b. Submissions for papers and posters should be formatted in 10.5 pt Century in English or 10.5 pt MSMincho in Japanese.
c. Please submit your abstract as both Word and PDF documents attached to an email.
d. Please note whether you are willing to participate in the poster session should your paper not be accepted for oral presentation.
e. Please write ''J-SLA2015_abstract'' in the subject line including the following (in this order) in the body of the message:
1. Your name
2. Affiliation (in English)
3. Address
4. Telephone number
5. Email address
6. Type of proposal (Student Workshop*, paper, poster)
(In case of dual submissions, please refer to (9e) below regarding abstract submission.)
7. Language to be used for presentation (i.e., Japanese or English)
f. Please submit abstracts as an e-mail attachment to the following email address: shunjiL2 at yahoo.co.jp (Shunji Inagaki)

For inquiry and more information, please contact Miki Shibata (J-SLA Secretariat) at shibatam at hiroshima-u.ac.jp.

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