25.3118, Calls: English, Spanish, Discourse Analysis/Belgium

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Subject: 25.3118, Calls: English, Spanish, Discourse Analysis/Belgium

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Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 13:33:48
From: Mercedes Díez-Prados [mercedes.diez at uah.es]
Subject: At the Crossroads of Persuasion and Evaluation/En la encrucijada entre Persuasión y Evaluación

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Full Title: At the Crossroads of Persuasion and Evaluation/En la encrucijada entre Persuasión y Evaluación 

Date: 26-Jul-2015 - 31-Jul-2015
Location: Antwerp, Belgium 
Contact Person: Mercedes Díez-Prados
Meeting Email: mercedes.diez at uah.es

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis 

Subject Language(s): English (eng)
                     Spanish (spa)

Call Deadline: 15-Oct-2014 

Meeting Description:

In this panel we delve into a research topic that is now being deemed of great interest in pragmatics: persuasion. In the literature, persuasion is commonly associated with argumentation, both being focused on the addressee and expecting an action from him/her (Overstreet, 2003; García-Gómez, 2012; Maillat, 2013). Furthermore, the relative effectiveness of persuasion tactics relies on the four Cs: credibility, coherence, congruence and consistency (O’Keefe, 2002; Metzger, 2007). At the same time, because persuasion combines the appeal to the intellect with the appeal to emotions, the understanding of how individuals use evaluative language in strategies of persuasion seems to be crucial (among many others, Hardin, 2001; Van Dijk, 2005; García-Gómez, 2011; Paglieri, 2013; Díez-Prados & Cabrejas Peñuelas, 2012; Cabrejas-Peñuelas & Díez-Prados, 2013 and 2014).

Therefore, our proposal for this panel is to analyze persuasion through the prism of evaluation, as is reflected in the name of this panel: “At the crossroads of persuasion and evaluation/En la encrucijada entre persuasión y evaluación”.

Call for Papers:

Within a discursive-pragmatic perspective, we invite papers that attempt to clarify and somehow systematize the study of the persuasive function of evaluative language. The linguistic levels of study can be cross-sectional (phonological, semantic, grammatical, lexical, textual) as far as the pragmatic function of the linguistic devices studied is highlighted. The combination of research methods from pragmatics, rhetoric, discourse analysis, social psychology, and sociolinguistics brings the special flavor of this panel. This also highlights the importance and challenges raised by the deployment of persuasive strategies in different contexts. The scope of the submissions includes (but is not limited to) the following topics: 1) persuasion and social media; 2) persuasion, ideology and power; 3) persuasion in commercial advertising; 4) learning through persuasion; and 5) gender differences in persuasive communication. We invite papers about English and/or Spanish presented in either language.

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