26.1839, Calls: An Appeal from LINGUIST Advisor Arendse Bernth

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Subject: 26.1839, Calls: An Appeal from LINGUIST Advisor Arendse Bernth

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Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2015 09:59:35
From: LINGUIST List [linguist at linguistlist.org]
Subject: Calls: An Appeal from LINGUIST Advisor Arendse Bernth

Dear Subscribers,

LINGUIST List wouldn't be what it is today without the support of our Advisory
Board: http://linguistlist.org/people/advisors.cfm

These dedicated individuals provide guidance and volunteer their valuable time
to ensure we are able to serve the community. Dr. Arendse Bernth has kindly
written a letter expressing how important the Fund Drive is to the LINGUIST
List's vitality. 

We thank her and everyone who has supported us this year.

Dear All:

For many years LINGUIST List has been one of my favorite resources for
linguistic information, be it linguistic facts, conference announcements, book
reviews, job postings, queries, good discussions ...

For a number of years I've watched LINGUIST List fund drives go by thinking
"What's that got to do with me?" Until I finally got it. It's got *everything*
to do with me! And with most of you subscribers. We, the subscribers, are the
ones that make LINGUIST List happen. You see this every day when you read the
postings. But the good content that we see depends not not only on the
submissions, but also the day-to-day hard work of screening the incoming mail
and making sure that only informative, decent postings have a chance. No junk
mail, no "flaming". And who takes care of this? The wonderful student editors.
It's a lot of work, and they have other things to do too, e.g. study! So it's
important that we can continue to pay them a bit for their work. They need to
make a living too, and they may have to go somewhere else, if we can't provide
financial support.

If you look at the number of subscribers, it's not a lot of money per capita.
I'm aware that some people may not be able to contribute much, or anything at
all, so those who are able to could maybe contribute a bit more than the
average to make up for that.

LINGUIST List has not yet reached its goal. Won't you please join me in making
LINGUIST List continue? After all, I would hate to see the day when I had to
ask myself this question: What happened to LINGUIST List? Wouldn't you?

Here is where you can make your donation:

Dr. Arendse Bernth
Independent Scholar

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