26.1856, Calls: Cognitive Science/ Journal of Cognitive Science (Jrnl)

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Subject: 26.1856, Calls: Cognitive Science/ Journal of Cognitive Science (Jrnl)

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Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2015 11:50:15
From: Yirey Suh [j-cs at j-cs.org]
Subject: Cognitive Science/ Journal of Cognitive Science (Jrnl)

Full Title: Journal of Cognitive Science 

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science 

Call Deadline: 07-Jul-2015 

Journal of Cognitive Science (http://j-cs.org)

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Cognitive Science (JCS) is published quarterly (from the year
2011) as the official journal of International Association for Cognitive
Science (IACS) by the Institute for Cognitive Science at Seoul National
University, located in Seoul, Korea.

It aims to publish research articles of the highest quality and significance
within the disciplines that form cognitive science, including philosophy,
psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, anthropology,
and education. Submissions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries in
either themes or methods are especially encouraged. Contributions may be in
the form of articles, brief reports, reviews, or squibs.

The JCS showcases quality research, encourages the exchange of ideas, and
illustrates the interdisciplinary work that is the hallmark of cognitive
science. Authors who have published in JCS include Paul Smolensky, Alfonso
Caramazza, Dedre Gentner, Paul Thagard, and Jean-Pierre Descles.

Published Paper in JCS

We have published several special issues. For example, in 2003, two successive
special issues of Computationalism and Mechanism in Psychological Explanation
1 and 2 are published in vol.14. Also, three consecutive Special Issues on
David Chalmers' Computational Theory of Mind and his detailed reply to other
scholars, and the special issue of 'Cognitive Science' were included in JCS in
2011, 2012.

Here are a few sample papers already published in JCS:

David Chalmers, 'A Computational Foundation for the Study of Cognition'
Frances Egan, 'Metaphysics and Computational Cognitive Science'
Oron Shagrir, 'Can a Brain Possess Two Minds?'
Igor Farkaš, 'Indispensability of Computational Modeling in Cognitive Science'

All of the JCS papers are available online free at our homepage.

Bibliographic Information

ISSN: 1598-2327
Year 2000 : Volume 1, Issues 1 & 2 (Combined) / Year 2001-2010 : Volumes 2- 1,
2 Issues each
Year 2011-present : Volume 12-15, Issue 1, 2, 3, & 4 

Questions? Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to j-cs at j-cs.org.
For more detailed information about JCS, please visit at http://j-cs.org

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