26.1863, An Appeal from LINGUIST Supporter Wannie Carstens of North-West University, South Africa

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Subject: 26.1863, An Appeal from LINGUIST Supporter Wannie Carstens of North-West University, South Africa

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Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2015 14:10:05
From: LINGUIST List [linguist at linguistlist.org]
Subject: An Appeal from LINGUIST Supporter Wannie Carstens of North-West University, South Africa

 Dear Subscribers,

Last month we received an incredible donation from North-West University, Potchefstroom and Vaal Triangle Campuses in South Africa. Without the support of generous people like them, LINGUIST List would not survive and the operation could not continue. Prof. Wannie Carstens has kindly written a letter expressing how important the Fund Drive is to the LINGUIST List's vitality, and has proposed a challenge for ALL universities.  

We thank North-West University and everyone who has supported us this year so far.


Dear all,

In the past few weeks, many efforts have been made to get the members and subscribers of the LINGUIST List to come forward with the necessary financial support to enable the staff of the List to continue with their good work, but
we are still more than $50 000 short. It really is a pity.

As a very frequent user of the List, I do not think that we as linguist community can do our work without having access to a source like LINGUIST List. The linguistic information available is just unbelievable: conference announcements, book reviews, job postings, queries, discussions, linguistic facts, diagrams, trees, etc. etc. Therefore: please contribute - even it is only a small amount - to let the staff keep up with this. If every individual making use of the resources just contribute $10, we will soon have the balance of the required amount, and even maybe some spare change for next year's effort.

I therefore totally agree with Dr. Arendse Bernth about the necessity of support from the whole linguistic community. We do need the LINGUIST List and WE need to make it happen.

Here in South Africa, we at the North-West University are proud to see that we are the main contributors for not only South Africa but also the whole of Africa! Currently we are fourth on the list of universities worldwide. This makes us a main role player ... On the other side it is an indication that too many other universities in Africa only make use of the resources and information provided by the LINGUIST List, but do not contribute anything to make it a sustainable list.

I hereby then challenge every university in AFRICA to improve on the amount we were able to put together - $820. Let us show the rest of the world that we appreciate what we get out of the LINGUIST List. If every other university in Africa (it seems there are about 1,300 universities and colleges in Africa) donates only $100, we soon will have the required amount.

This also goes to universities all over the world: only $100 from every university making use of LINGUIST List's resources will provide more than enough money to enable the staff of LINGUIST List to continue to serve us, the
linguistic community of the world. This really is not too much to ask, especially considering what we get out of the deal.

Kind regards
Prof. Wannie Carstens
North-West University, South Africa

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Please visit http://funddrive.linguistlist.org/donate/ to make a donation.

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