26.1937, Calls: An Appeal from LINGUIST Advisor Richard Sproat

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Subject: 26.1937, Calls: An Appeal from LINGUIST Advisor Richard Sproat

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Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015 08:16:32
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Subject: Calls: An Appeal from LINGUIST Advisor Richard Sproat

 Dear Subscribers,

LINGUIST List depends on our readers and contributors to provide those
valuable resources we share with the community. We are thankful for our
Advisory Board who support our mission by generously volunteering their time
and energy: http://linguistlist.org/people/advisors.cfm

Unfortunately, LINGUIST cannot thrive solely on volunteerism. There are always
overhead costs maintaining the technological infrastructure as well as
supporting the students who toil away to ensure the quality we send out. Dr.
Richard Sproat, one of our advisors, has kindly written a letter reminding us
all how important the Fund Drive is.

We thank him and everyone who has supported us this year.

The Linguist List has been a central part of our community for a quarter of a
century.  I have used it many times in my career, to solicit information about
topics, to engage in discussion with colleagues or to find job candidates. The
List is always the first forum I would turn to whenever I need to reach a wide
group of people in the field.

But this service does not come for free, and the LINGUIST List depends on
contributions from its users to survive.

Please donate.


Richard Sproat
Google, Inc.

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