26.1959, Summer Schools: Pronouns: Syntax, Semantics, Processing / Moscow, Russia

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Subject: 26.1959, Summer Schools: Pronouns: Syntax, Semantics, Processing / Moscow, Russia

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Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 15:26:03
From: Anna Volkova [psspconference at gmail.com]
Subject: Pronouns: Syntax, Semantics, Processing / Moscow, Russia

 Pronouns: Syntax, Semantics, Processing / Moscow, Russia

Host Institution: National Research University Higher School of Economics

Website: https://psspconference.wordpress.com

Dates: 16-Jun-2015 - 19-Jun-2015
Location: Moscow, Russia

Focus: The summer school focuses on the following overarching questions:

- How much can we learn from studying pronouns about the laws of grammar and discourse? 
- What shapes pronominal systems in the world’s languages? 
- How does the human brain process pronouns and anaphora?

Minimum Education Level: BA

Special Qualifications:
The school is suited for 3rd year BA students with specialization in linguistics and up.

The study of pronouns has been an engine behind the development of many theories in syntax and semantics. Much has been learned about pronouns, and yet the topic continues to be an area of fruitful research. Lively debates on
strong and weak pronouns, free and bound variable pronouns, de se and de re pronouns, indexical pronouns and fake indexicals, indefinites, simplex and complex anaphors abound in the current linguistic literature. The intensive
courses, by three leading experts in the field, will introduce the participants of the summer school to the main notions, theories and puzzles with respect to pronouns.

Confirmed Speakers:

- Barbara Partee, UMass Amherst
- Colin Phillips, University of Maryland, College Park
- Eric Reuland, UiL OTS, Utrecht University

The summer school will be accompanied by a mini-conference presenting current work on pronouns in formal syntax, semantics, typology and psycholinguistics. A poster session will be organized for the participants of the summer school providing them with a chance to present their research and receive feedback from experts and peers.

Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories

Registration: 12-Apr-2015 to 01-Jun-2015

Contact Person: Anna Volkova
                Phone: +7 (495) 772 95 90 * 22734
                Email: psspconference at gmail.com

Registration Instructions:
To register please fill out this form:

People requiring a visa to enter Russia: Please note that we will be able to provide visa support only to participants who register no later than May 1, 2015.

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