26.1978, Support: Phonetics / Switzerland

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Subject: 26.1978, Support: Phonetics / Switzerland

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Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 22:27:31
From: Daniel Friedichs [daniel.friedrichs at uzh.ch]
Subject: Phonetics: PhD Student, University of Zurich, Switzerland

 Institution/Organization: University of Zurich 
Department: Department of Comparative Linguistics; Phonetics 
Web Address: http://www.pholab.uzh.ch/index.html 

Level: PhD 

Duties: Research,Project Work
Specialty Areas: Phonetics 
Speech Sciences 


The Phonetics Lab at Zurich University is welcoming applications for a PhD Position in Phonetics / Speech Sciences at Zurich University (30 months, 100%). 

We have a position of a doctoral researcher available at University of Zurich (subject to approval of funding) for a 30-month research project submitted to the Swiss National Science Foundation and entitled 'Acoustic Characteristics of Voice in Music and Straight Theatre, and Related Aspects of Production, Perception, and Cortical Representation' (cooperation of the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film at Zurich University of the Arts and the Phonetics Group in the Department of Comparative Linguistics at University of Zurich). 

The present project represents a follow-up research of a previous investigation in which we have set up a large database of vocalisations of German vowels, produced by non-professional children, women and men, as well as by professional actors and singers, and including variations in phonation (voiced vs. whispered vs. creaky), in vocal effort, in fundamental frequency and in speaking and singing styles. We also have evaluated appropriate methods of acoustic measurement and investigated vowel perception and voice and vowel-specific acoustic characteristics related to different speaking and singing styles.
The present project aims at: 
(a) additional recordings (in the studio and live on stage in a large concert hall);
(b) vowel synthesis and resynthesis; 
(c) vocal tract investigation (with MRI, with vocal tract resonance measurement);
(d) investigation of voice and vowel perception.
The main aspects of investigation for the doctoral researcher concern (a), (b) and (d), and experiments on vocal tract resonance measurement.

The Phonetics Group is run by a team of enthusiastic academics with interests in a variety of areas in phonetics and speech sciences. In addition to our cooperation with researchers, actors and singers from the Zurich University of the Arts, we work closely together with researchers from the departments of German, Romance and English language as well as Psychology and Audiology. 

- Master's (e.g. MA, MSc, MRes, etc.) in Phonetics, Speech Sciences, Linguistics, Information Technology and signal processing, or a related area;
- excellent knowledge of English, and good knowledge of German;
- good knowledge of the acoustic analysis of speech;
- experience in Speech Signal Processing methods (e.g. FFT, LPC, Cepstrum, LTAS) and related software (e.g. Praat, Matlab, Wavesurfer);
- good basis in statistics;
- related experience in scripting and programing.

You should have an interest (or already experience) in areas like: 
- acoustic analysis of singing and acting;
- speech perception;
- speech synthesis.

Payment for the position will be between c. 47.000 and 50.000 CHF (depending on year). 
Important dates: 
- deadline for applications: 30th of April, 2015;
- interviews: May, 2015;
- starting date of position: 1st of July or 1st of August, 2015 (negotiable). 

How to Apply:
Your application should consist of the following items: 
- curriculum vitae (CV); including publications (if available);
- list of grades (transcript); 
- names and email addresses of two potential referees. 

Electronic application submission, further information and/or informal chats about the post:
Volker Dellwo [mail: volker.dellwo at uzh.ch]
Dieter Maurer [mail: dieter.maurer at zhdk.ch] 

For the website of the ongoing project and related publications, see:

Application Deadline: 30-Apr-2015 

Mailing Address for Applications:
	Attn: Prof. Volker Dellwo 
	Plattenstrasse 54 
	Department of Comparative Linguistics / Phonetics Groupe 
	Zurich 8032 
Contact Information: 
	Prof. Dieter Maurer 
	dieter.maurer at zhdk.ch  

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