26.2111, Calls: Cognitive Science; General Linguistics; Sociolinguistics/ Nordic Journal of Linguistics (Jrnl)

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Subject: 26.2111, Calls: Cognitive Science; General Linguistics; Sociolinguistics/ Nordic Journal of Linguistics (Jrnl)

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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 10:29:21
From: Melissa Good [mgood at cambridge.org]
Subject: Cognitive Science; General Linguistics; Sociolinguistics/ Nordic Journal of Linguistics (Jrnl)

Full Title: Nordic Journal of Linguistics 

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; General Linguistics; Sociolinguistics 

Call Deadline: 02-Nov-2015 

Call for papers: NJL Special Issue on Discourse, Grammar and
Intersubjectivity: Nordic Perspectives

The second issue of Volume 39 (autumn 2016) of the Nordic Journal of
Linguistics will be a special issue devoted to discourse, grammar and
intersubjectivity. This issue will be edited by Marja Etelämäki, Ilona Herlin,
Tapani Möttönen and Laura Visapää.

During the past years, understanding of human language, mind and action has
taken a radically social turn. In many fields of research, human mind,
language and action are now studied as thoroughly social and intersubjective
phenomena; simultaneously, human sociality and intersubjectivity per se have
become topics for multi-disciplinary studies.

The proposed special issue aims at bridging the gap between these lines of
research, especially the cognitively- and interactionally-oriented studies on
language and intersubjectivity. By proposing that language be studied as a
socio-cognitive phenomenon that functions as an interface between social mind
and social world, it brings language into the focus in the study of
intersubjectivity. Further, it brings interaction and emotion into focus in
the study on language.

We invite papers written in both the empirical and the philosophic-theoretical
traditions, and we also welcome multidisciplinary approaches. We encourage the
empirical papers to use especially Nordic languages as data. We wish to bring
theory and empirical findings as well as differing approaches into a fruitful
dialogue in order to better understand the role of discourse and grammar in
the constitution of intersubjectivity.

Submissions for papers should follow the style guide of NJL available at

The deadline for submitted papers is 2 November 2015. 

Papers should be sent to either of the following two guest editors:

Marja Etelämäki 
Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research on Intersubjectivity in Interaction,
P.O. Box 4, 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland 
marja.etelamaki at helsinki.fi

Ilona Herlin
Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies, P.O. Box 4,
00014 University of Helsinki, Finland 
ilona.herlin at helsinki.fi

The reviewing process will take place in winter-spring 2015-2016. The final
version of all accepted manuscripts will be submitted to the publisher by 1
July 2016.

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