26.2184, Calls: An Appeal from LINGUIST Advisor Maggie Winters

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Subject: 26.2184, Calls: An Appeal from LINGUIST Advisor Maggie Winters

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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 15:09:21
From: LINGUIST List [linguist at linguistlist.org]
Subject: Calls: An Appeal from LINGUIST Advisor Maggie Winters

Dear Subscribers,

We at the LINGUIST List aim to provide the community a centralized hub of
linguistic information. We are grateful to our core - our Advisory Board
(http://linguistlist.org/people/advisors.cfm) - who provide ongoing support
and guidance.

Just as we support the linguistics community with job announcements,
conference listings, and various resources, we count on the support of you -
our readers - to provide us the necessary resources to continue. One of our
advisors, Dr. Maggie Winters, has kindly written a letter in support of this
year’s Fund Drive efforts.

We thank her and everyone who has supported us this year.

Dear Colleagues,

It has been a while since I have written to support the LINGUIST fund-raising
effort.  A lot has happened: Anthony and Helen have retired, the operation
moved to Indiana, and a great deal of new technology has been brought into
action.  But the essential LINGUIST still remains, a well-established listserv
and a series of databases and other programs which serve the entire Linguistic
profession.  We should think of LINGUIST as one of the few aspects of our
discipline which unites us – it doesn’t matter what theory any one of us
espouses or what sub-component of the field we may study, we all depend on
LINGUIST for its many services.

And LINGUIST depends on us.  It cannot function without the funding that comes
from donations, to support student assistants and other employees, and to be
able to acquire or develop the software which makes it so valuable.  So please
join me in sending a donation, however much you can manage, to keep this
institution (yes, it deserves the title) alive and well.  Damir and Gosia are
now at the helm instead of Anthony and Helen, students finish their degrees
and make way for other students, the home may be in Indiana instead of
Michigan, but LINGUIST is still supporting all of us.

Many thanks,

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