27.3632, Calls: General LInguistics, Philosophy of Language/France

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Subject: 27.3632, Calls: General LInguistics, Philosophy of Language/France

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Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 21:51:59
From: jean-yves beziau [beziau at gmail.com]
Subject: The Arbitrariness of the Sign

Full Title: The Arbitrariness of the Sign 

Date: 09-Jan-2017 - 14-Jan-2017
Location: Geneva, France 
Contact Person: Jean-Yves Beziau
Meeting Email: beziau at gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.clg2016.org/en/geneva/programme/workshops/the-arbitrariness-of-the-sign/ 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Philosophy of Language 

Call Deadline: 18-Sep-2016 

Meeting Description:

This workshop is part of the conference commemorating the centenary of
Saussure's Cours de Linguistique Générale.

The topic of this workshop is The First Principle stated in the second section
of the first part of the Course in General Linguistics: 'The Arbitrariness of
the Sign.

The workshop will develop discussions according to three perspectives:

1. The details of the formulation of this principle in the Course, its proper
place (cf. the following sentence of section 2: ''No one disputes the
principle of the arbitrariness of the sign but it is often easier to discover
a truth than to assign it its proper place''). Discussions about the question
of arbitrariness of the sign in works by Saussure before the Course are also

2. How the arbitrariness of the sign has been formulated and stressed before
the Course by people other than Saussure, in particular, but not exclusively,
by people of the second part of the XIX century. Namely by Boole, Peirce,

3. The import and value of this principle and the criticisms it received after
the publication of the Course. Special focus will be given on the opposition
between arbitrary sign and symbol (as characterized in the Course: ''the
symbol is never arbitrary; it is not empty, for there is the rudiment of a
natural bond between the signifier and the signified'') in the context of
mathematical and logical languages (visual reasoning), traffic signs and
pictograms (cf. Neurath's Isotype), typefaces (cf. the work of Adrian

Call for Papers:

This will be a semi-open workshop with both 2 or 3  keynote speakers (to be
specified) (1 hour talk for each, including discussion) and about 10
contributed speakers that will be selected by a standard peer review

Individuals who contribute a proposal will be giving 40 minute talks including
time for discussion.

The call for papers is open. Any lecture related to at least one of the three
perspectives described above is welcome. Interested contributors should send
anonymous 500 word abstracts with no more than 12 entries in the bibliography.
Name and affiliation should be sent separately. Submissions should be sent
directly to Jean-Yves Beziau to the e-mail  jyb at ufrj.br by September 18.

After the workshop a book with full papers will be prepared with an
international academic publisher.


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