27.3662, Support: Language Acquisition / Sweden

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Subject: 27.3662, Support: Language Acquisition / Sweden

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Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 11:51:05
From: Ljuba Veselinova [ljuba at ling.su.se]
Subject: Language Acquisition, PhD, Stockholm University, Sweden

 Institution/Organization: Stockholm University 
Department: Linguistics 
Web Address: https://goo.gl/SBc9z3 

Level: PhD 

Duties: Research,Teaching
Specialty Areas: Language Acquisition 


2 PhD positions in Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics announces 2 PhD student positions within the
fields of Child Language Development and Linguistic Typology and Language
Documentation. Ref.nr SU FV-2638-16. 

Application deadline: 2016-10-15

Child Language Development:

The PhD student position in Child Language Development/Child Language
Acquisition is associated to the child language acquisition research group in
the Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University.

The child language acquisition research competence at the Department
encompasses different research approaches to child language acquisition as
well as different theoretical and methodological aspects. This creates a
unique knowledge centre to which the successful doctoral candidate is expected
to contribute actively. The research group aims to describe how children
acquire language in interaction with the environment. Which modalities are
used? How are these used? Can we model the process? Current research questions
are on multimodal parent-child communication, features of child-directed
speech, and the relationship between perception and production. The
Department’s Phonetic Laboratory considers a broad range of perspectives on
child language acquisition and is equipped with facilities for
EEG-measurement, eye-tracking measurement, tracking of articulatory movements
and audio and video recordings.

The child language research group meets regularly, reviews their research
products together and collaborates actively in various studies in-house as
well as with the international research field. The focus of the doctoral
student’s thesis work is expected to be in line with current research and to
use, at least partially, existing material of different research projects.

In addition to courses and dissertation work, the applicant is expected to
participate in departmental activities, such as seminars and regular meetings
held with the research group, and in that way contribute to a positive
research environment.

Application is made through the electronic application interface. Admission
requirements and selection criteria are stated in the announcement.

Application Deadline: 15-Oct-2016 

Web Address for Applications: https://goo.gl/oJnd5W 

Contact Information: 
	Dr Sofia Gustafson-Capkova 
	studierektorfu at ling.su.se 
	Phone:+46 8 16 34 88  


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