27.3694, FYI: Call for Guest Editors and Thematic Proposals

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Subject: 27.3694, FYI: Call for Guest Editors and Thematic Proposals

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Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 15:27:13
From: Eric Laporte [eric.laporte at univ-paris-est.fr]
Subject: Call for Guest Editors and Thematic Proposals

Lingvisticae Investigationes. International Journal of Linguistics and
Language Resources

Call Deadline: 30-Nov-2016


Lingvisticae Investigationes (LI) invites researchers in linguistics and
language resources to propose a special volume to be published in 2018.

LI is a 40-year old international journal in English or French founded by
Maurice Gross. It is published and distributed by John Benjamins Publishing
Company. It is listed in the European Reference Index for the Humanities
(ERIH) for Linguistics, published by the European Science Foundation (ESF).
L.I. is ranked as Q2 (among the 50% best journals in Linguistics and Language)
for years 2012 and 2014 on the basis of the Scimago Journal Rank (SJR).


What are the conditions to publish a special volume?

A public call for papers is issued and widely disseminated, at least in
English, and at least on a web site or on international diffusion lists.
The special volume has a scientific committee, whose members are in charge of
reviewing the anonymous submitted papers, and selecting among them for
publication in the special volume. The selection of the papers for publication
is made on full versions of the papers: the final versions should not be
significantly longer than or different from the papers originally submitted.
The names of the reviewers are publicly announced in the call for papers. The
reviews transferred to authors are anonymous.

A proposal for a special volume must be sent to the editors or secretary of LI
(jean-pierre.heymann at univ-mlv.fr). The criteria for validating proposals are:

- The scientific relevance and opportunity of the theme
- The relevance of the theme with regard to the scope of LI (see
- The scientific competence and size of the scientific committee

Once a proposal for a special volume is accepted by the editors of LI, the
authors of the proposal become guest editors of the volume. They are
responsible for the dissemination of the call for papers, the observance of
the rules for the selection of submitted papers, the fulfillment or
modification of the time schedule, the relations with the reviewers and
authors, and the delivery of the final versions of the papers to LI. The
number of accepted papers should take into account the size of a volume of LI,
which is 175 journal pages. This size corresponds to approximately 133 usual
A4 pages, due to the difference in page size.

How to propose a special volume?

Please provide the following information in your proposal for a special

- A description of the theme of the future volume, in the form of a text which
will serve as call for papers if the proposal is accepted by the editors of LI
- The list of members of the scientific committee and their affiliation
- A time schedule for the preparation of the volume, with deadlines for the
following events:

- Public call for papers T0 + 2 months (T0 = date of the proposal of the
special volume)
- Submission of papers T0 + 8 months
- Notification to authors T0 + 9 months
- Final version of papers T0 + 10 months
- Publication T0 + 12 months

If the proposal for a special volume is combined with a conference, please
read additional information in

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
                     General Linguistics



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