27.3764, Calls: General Linguistics, Syntax/Italy

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Subject: 27.3764, Calls: General Linguistics, Syntax/Italy

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Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 15:10:46
From: Cristiano Chesi [cristiano.chesi at iusspavia.it]
Subject: Order and Direction of Grammatical Operations

Full Title: Order and Direction of Grammatical Operations 
Short Title: IGG 43 - Workshop 

Date: 15-Feb-2017 - 15-Feb-2017
Location: Pavia, Italy 
Contact Person: cristiano chesi
Meeting Email: cristiano.chesi at iusspavia.it
Web Site: http://www.nets.iusspavia.it/igg43/workshop.html 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Syntax 

Call Deadline: 12-Dec-2016 

Meeting Description:

This workshop will tackle the issue of directionality of grammatical
operations: structure building operation (e.g. merge, move and the notion of
phase) and interpretive rules. The fundamental question is whether
directionality yields a grammatical description that is more adequate, both
descriptively and explanatory, than a non-directional, constraint-based one.

Abstracts should discuss how and why directionally restricted operations (e.g.
top-down vs. bottom-up, and left-right vs. right-left) may determine the
nature of well-formed structures and their interpretive properties, and
explain directionality asymmetries in various linguistic domains.

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Robert Frank (Department of Linguistics, Yale University)
Prof. Colin Phillips (Director, Maryland Language Science Center) 


The literature to date offers a number of arguments that support the relevance
of directionality: starting from Phillips's seminal work on asymmetries in
syntactic tests application (coordination vs movement: Phillips 1996, 2003),
we should mention work on the cyclicity and locality of movement (Richards
1999, Chesi 2004, Chesi 2014, den Dikken 2015, Zwart 2015) as opposed to
rightward movement (Chesi 2012), work on strong islands and parasitic gaps
constructions (Bianchi & Chesi 2006) and on reconstruction effects (Guilliot
2006, Barker 2007, Bianchi & Chesi 2014), on the Leftness condition on
quantifier binding, the right-roof constraint on QR, inter- and
cross-sentential anaphora within a left-to-right incremental interpretation
process (Shan & Barker 2006, Schlenker 2005, Bianchi 2009, Bianchi & Chesi
2010); it is worth considering also the interesting computational consequences
of directionally constrained grammars, which have been productively explored,
for instance, within the framework of Dynamic Syntax (Kempson, Meyer-Viol,
Gabbay 2001). Finally, within the Minimalist framework the linear (temporal,
left-to-right) order of terminal nodes (Kayne 1994) is assumed to be part of
the interface with phonology (Chomsky 1995:334), but it imposes a ban against
symmetrical structures, with consequences for the theory of movement (Moro's
2000 Dynamic Antisymmetry, Moro 2011, cf. Citko 2011).

Call for Papers: 

Abstracts should discuss how and why directionally restricted operations (e.g.
 top‐down vs. bottom‐up, and left‐right vs. right‐left) may determine the
nature of well‐formed structures and their interpretive properties,
and explain directionality asymmetries in various linguistic domains. 

The deadline for submission of abstracts is December 12, 2016.

Notification of acceptance by January 16, 2017.

Authors are asked to submit their abstracts in PDF format to the following add
ress and check the “Topic” checkbox for
“Workshop ‐ Order and direction of grammatical operations”: https://easychair.

For more information: http://www.nets.iusspavia.it/igg43/workshop.html


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