27.3766, Calls: English, Gen Ling, Psycholing, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling/Spain

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Subject: 27.3766, Calls: English, Gen Ling, Psycholing, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling/Spain

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Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 15:12:14
From: David Tizón-Couto [davidtizon at uvigo.es]
Subject: Constructions and Language Processing

Full Title: Constructions and Language Processing 

Date: 28-Sep-2017 - 30-Sep-2017
Location: Vigo (Pontevedra), Spain 
Contact Person: David Tizón-Couto
Meeting Email: biclce.processing.workshop at gmail.com
Web Site: https://biclce2017.wordpress.com/workshops/ 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Psycholinguistics; Syntax; Text/Corpus Linguistics 

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Call Deadline: 31-Jan-2017 

Meeting Description:

Constructions and language processing: Performance-driven constraints on
perception and production

Workshop at BICLCE2017 (7th Biennial International Conference on the
Linguistics of Contemporary English, https://biclce2017.wordpress.com/) in
Vigo, 28-30 September 2017


David Tizón-Couto (University of Vigo)
David Lorenz (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)
Jong-Bok Kim (Kyung Hee University, Seoul)
Yolanda Fernández-Pena (University of Vigo)
Javier Pérez-Guerra (University of Vigo).

There is a growing body of research that addresses language processing from a
constructional point of view. For instance, argument structure constructions
have been shown to aid the comprehension of denominal verbs (Kaschak and
Glenberg 2000) or of general sentence meanings (Bencini and Goldberg 2000),
and a range of experimental studies have highlighted the importance of
pre-emptive contexts in the perception of a particular construction as
ungrammatical (e.g. the attributive adjective construction, cf. Boyd and
Goldberg 2011). Constructions have also been shown to affect speech production
in several ways. Thus, frequency-driven phonetic reduction is well documented
(Jurafsky et al. 2001, Gahl and Garnsey 2004). Furthermore, syntactic priming
(Gries 2005), lexical boost (Pickering and Ferreira 2008) and simple relative
frequencies (Gries et al. 2005) have an impact on the online performance of
ensuing speech or on sentence completion.

Processing has also been dealt with from the perspective of efficiency, i.e.
in terms of the linguistic variants that might arise under the pressure of
increased processing constraints. Most of these approaches assume that
simplicity in one part of the grammar often results in complexity in another
(e.g. sentence end weight acting as a trade-off for a long subject
constituent). In this vein, Rohdenburg (1996), Hawkins (2004) or Mondorf
(2009), among others, account for language variation by posing
processing-based psycholinguistic generalizations such as: ‘Complexity
Principle’, ‘Minimize Domains’, ‘Maximize Online Processing’, ‘Minimize
Forms’, ‘Support Strategies’, etc.

Call for Papers: 

Designed to encompass both the constructional and the efficiency-based
approaches to processing, the workshop invites synchronic and diachronic
corpus-based or experimental research on the impact of language processing on
spoken language and communication (at any level of linguistic analysis).

The workshop will consist of full papers and work-in progress reports, which
will be allotted 20 minutes for presentation (plus 10 minutes for discussion).

The deadline for submissions of abstracts (ca. 500 words, excluding title,
references and keywords) is 31 January 2017. Notification of acceptance will
be sent out by the end of 15 March 2017. 

Abstracts should be sent to biclce.processing.workshop at gmail.com.

We are planning to publish the papers after peer-review process in a special
issue of a reputable journal.


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