29.2733, Jobs: General Linguistics; Phonetics; Phonology: Consultant, Productive Playhouse

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Subject: 29.2733, Jobs: General Linguistics; Phonetics; Phonology: Consultant, Productive Playhouse

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Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2018 11:06:40
From: Laura Maccabee [info-linguist at productiveplayhouse.com]
Subject: General Linguistics; Phonetics; Phonology: Consultant, Productive Playhouse

University or Organization: Productive Playhouse 
Job Location: , ---------------- (Telecommute)
Job Title: Linguistic Consultants in Various Languages
Job Rank: Consultant

Specialty Areas: General Linguistics; Phonetics; Phonology 


Consultant positions available for linguists with a BA or MA in Linguistics in
the following languages:

- en-US English (United States)
- ja-JP Japanese (Japan)
- ar-XA Arabic (Levantine/MSA)
- cmn-hant-tw Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan)
- vi-VN Vietnamese (Vietnam)
- id-ID Indonesian (Indonesia)
- mr-IN Marathi (India)
- it-IT Italian (Italy)
- th-TH Thai (Thailand)
- fr-FR French (France)
- pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil)
- yue-HK Yue Chinese (Hong Kong)
- or-IN Oriya (India)
- pa-IN Panjabi (India)
- cs-CZ Czech (Czech Republic)
- fi-FI Finnish (Finland)
- en-IE English (Ireland)
- en-NZ English (New Zealand)
- es-AR Spanish (Argentina)
- nl-BE Dutch (Belgium)
- fa-IR Persian (Iran)
- he-IL Hebrew (Israel)
- uk-UA Ukrainian (Ukraine)

Productive Playhouse, a production company in Los Angeles, is currently
undertaking projects for various languages and is seeking linguists who are
native speakers for a language study. 

Both full time and part-time positions are available, and we are seeking
candidates who can commit 20-40 hours per week. All work is online and can be
done from anywhere. 

Linguist Tasks: 
- Linguists will provide both general linguistic expertise and
language-specific guidance as needed. 
- Linguists are also expected to help review and revise language-specific
guidelines, as well as help create rules for text normalization and
verbalization in the target language. 
- Linguists may be asked to transcribe/verify pronunciations in a web-based
tool, according to language-specific phonemic transcription guidelines. 

Specific tasks include:
- Phonology inventory;
- Phonotactic rules;
- Phonemic transcription
- Data annotation; and
- Evaluation of acoustic data 

Linguist Qualifications: 
- Native-speaker of the target language and fluent in English
- Degree in Linguistics or Language-related fields with experience in
phonetics/phonology or speech 
- Good oral and written communication skills 
- Ability to quickly grasp technical concepts 
- Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail 

The work can be done online with some flexibility. If you are qualified and
interested, please send a brief introductory email and a CV to the email
provided below, and please specify your availability (hours/week) and when you
could start.

Application Deadline:  (Open until filled)
Email Address for Applications: info-linguist at productiveplayhouse.com 
Contact Information:
	Laura Maccabee 
	Email: info-linguist at productiveplayhouse.com 


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