29.2801, Books: Methods in Pragmatics: Jucker, Schneider, Bublitz (eds.)

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Subject: 29.2801, Books: Methods in Pragmatics: Jucker, Schneider, Bublitz (eds.)

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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2018 15:20:06
From: Pablo Dominguez Andersen [pablo.dominguez at degruyter.com]
Subject: Methods in Pragmatics: Jucker, Schneider, Bublitz (eds.)


Title: Methods in Pragmatics 
Series Title: Handbooks of Pragmatics [HOPS]  

Publication Year: 2018 
Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

Book URL: https://www.degruyter.com/view/product/457155?format=G 

Editor: Andreas H. Jucker
Editor: Klaus P. Schneider
Editor: Wolfram Bublitz

Hardback: ISBN:  9783110430660 Pages: 674 Price: U.S. $ 286.99


Methods in Pragmatics provides a systematic overview of the different types of
data, the different methods of data collection and data analysis used in
pragmatic research. It offers authoritative and comprehensive surveys of the
entire breadth of methods and methodologies. Part 1 covers introspectional,
philosophical and cognitive pragmatics. Part 2 is devoted to experimental
pragmatics, including discourse completion and dialogue construction tasks,
role-plays and other production and comprehension tasks. Part 3 reviews
observational pragmatics including ethnographic and discourse analytic
methods, and part 4, finally, is devoted to corpus pragmatics including
accounts of corpus compilation, annotation and data retrieval specific to
pragmatic research. Each contribution provides a state-of-the-art account of
the precise workings of one particular method, its applications in the
relevant research literature as well as a critical assessment of its strengths
and weaknesses and the type of pragmatic research questions for which it is
most suitable.

Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics

Written In: English  (eng)

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