29.2816, Calls: General Linguistics / Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (Jrnl)

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Subject: 29.2816, Calls: General Linguistics / Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (Jrnl)

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Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2018 11:40:29
From: Danjie Su [danjiesu at uark.edu]
Subject: General Linguistics / Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (Jrnl)

Full Title: Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 10-Oct-2018 

Call for Papers:
Preparing Teachers for Addressing the Sociocultural Issues with Asian Pacific
Immigrants and Refugees
Special Issue of the Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (JAPC)
John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam

Guest edited by:
Yin Lam Lee-Johnson (yleejohnson31 at webster.edu) 
Hsiao-Chin Kuo (shguo at umail.iu.edu)

In the field of language and literacy teacher preparation, there has been a
paradigmatic shift towards a sociocultural perspective which foregrounds the
needs of immigrants and refugees from the Asia Pacific region. This shift is
manifested in ample research studies for affirming family heritage and
appropriating the students' transnational experiences inside and outside the
classroom. The uprooting and transplanting experiences of these students often
bring along trauma, especially for immigrant and refugee students who had gone
through war, famine, hurricane, and other natural disasters. These students
often have particular learning needs and they may feel disconnected with their
fellow teachers and classmates. As teacher educators, we ask what
opportunities can we create for teacher candidates to have a deeper
understanding of these students. What kind of teaching practices will empower
and enrich these students' and their teachers' lives? What kind of
sociocultural issues often manifest themselves in the classroom when
intersection of country of origin, race, gender, class, and sexuality becomes
normalized in the classroom?

This Special Issue of JAPC focuses on the preparation of language and literacy
teachers for addressing the sociocultural issues when teaching immigrants and
refugees from Asia Pacific. Possible manuscripts may include but they are not
limited to the following areas:
- Family and community engagement
- Language and literacy practices in the multimodal era 
- Dialogical approaches and translanguaging processes in the classroom
- Intersectionality and critical perspective in teacher education
- Socio-emotional aspects of learning
- Healing pedagogy for addressing the learners' traumatic experiences

We invite contributors who worked on empirical studies related to language and
literacy teacher preparation for immigrants and refugees from Asia Pacific.
The studies do not have to be conducted only in a specific Western society.
Manuscripts conducted in the Asia Pacific are also welcome. Studies which
examine more than one migrant community are welcome. The selection of
manuscripts will be based on relevancy, the depth of discussion, and
significance. Please send a brief abstract (200 words max.) stating the
objective, theoretical framework, methodology, and findings by December 10,


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