29.2833, Calls: General Linguistics / Language Art (Jrnl)

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Subject: 29.2833, Calls: General Linguistics / Language Art (Jrnl)

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Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2018 11:50:38
From: Mahdi Mohammad Beygi [journalhz at gmail.com]
Subject: General Linguistics / Language Art (Jrnl)

Full Title: Language Art 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Language Family(ies): Arabic; English; Persian; Russian-Aleut 

Call for Papers:

International multilingual scientific journal of Language Art (LA) is an open
access and blind peer-reviewed journal which is published four times a year.
Usual review time is 45 days and there is no fee for electronic publishing.
Language Arts is the name given to the study and improvement of the arts of
language. Traditionally, the primary division in language arts is literature
and language, where language in this case, refers to both linguistics, and
specific languages. Journal of Language Art invites professional (applied)
linguists and language researchers to submit their scholarly papers to LA is
published in various languages as per the choice of the author
(Persian,English, Arabic and Russian)languages.


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