29.2889, Books: A grammar of Darfur Arabic: Roset

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Subject: 29.2889, Books: A grammar of Darfur Arabic: Roset

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Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2018 11:57:19
From: Karijn Hootsen [gw.uilots.lot at uu.nl]
Subject: A grammar of Darfur Arabic: Roset


Title: A grammar of Darfur Arabic 
Series Title: LOT Dissertation Series  

Publication Year: 2018 
Publisher: Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics / Landelijke (LOT)

Book URL: https://www.lotpublications.nl/a-grammar-of-darfur-arabic 

Author: Caroline Roset

Paperback: ISBN:  9789460932861 Pages: 356 Price: Europe EURO 37.00


This thesis provides grammatical details on the phonology, morphology and
syntax of the Arabic as it is spoken in Darfur (West Sudan). All three of
these linguistic fields give evidence that this variety of Arabic is heavily
influenced by the other, particularly Nilo-Saharan languages which are also
spoken in the region. For example, the ‘typical’ Arabic guttural phonemes are
omitted or mixed, there are no synchronic gender distinctions, a process
towards an invariable pronominal system appears to be at work and Nilo-Saharan
word order occurs frequently. As a contact language, Darfur Arabic stands
midway between a pidgin or a creole on the one hand, an a full-fledged Arabic
colloquial on the other. Moreover, the Arabic of Darfur displays considerable
variability and much resembles Chadian Arabic.

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation

Subject Language(s): Arabic, Sudanese (apd)

Written In: English  (eng)

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