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Subject: 29.2919, Calls: Applied Linguistics/Italy

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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2018 19:35:49
From: Antonietta Marra [amarra at unica.it]
Subject: ItLA 2019: Minority Languages Between Localism and Globalization

 Full Title: AItLA 2019: Minority Languages Between Localism and Globalization 

Date: 21-Feb-2019 - 23-Feb-2019
Location: Cagliari, Italy 
Contact Person: Antonietta Marra
Meeting Email: aitla2019 at unica.it
Web Site: https://aitla2019.rhesis.it/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 30-Jul-2018 

Meeting Description:

The increasing plurality of linguistic repertoires, determined by the growing
mobility of both individuals' and groups, has led to the coexistence of old
and new varieties and has brought about new needs for integration, on the
linguistic level as well.
The theme proposed for the 19th Conference (Minority languages between
localism and globalization) raises issues about safeguard and promotion of
minority languages in the new Italian context and worldwide, where localisms
and old and new nationalisms have to face a reality of increasing

Call for Papers:

Specific topic and panels:

Language policy and planning (norms, theory, actions):
- Language rights
- Status planning
- Corpus planning
- Minority languages and language transmission
- Minority languages and education
- Multilingualism (and multiculturalism) management

Linguistic spaces, repertoires, attitudes, identities:
- Ecology of languages
- Linguistic landscapes
- Linguistic repertoires 
- Linguistic attitudes, perceptions and identities (in pluri/multi-lingual

Minority languages and language contact: systems and discourse:
- Acquisition process and acquisition varieties
- Obsolescence and attrition processes
- Conservative and innovative phenomena in languages in contact
- Minority languages in daily communication

The conference will host a number of invited keynote speakers, and welcomes
proposals for papers, which will undergo a selection process by the Scientific
Committee. Three types of proposals are accepted:
1. oral presentation of completed research (20-minute presentation followed by
a 10-minute open discussion);
2. poster presentation of completed or ongoing research (5-minute plenary
session followed by a more detailed discussion to be held in a designated
poster area);
3. oral presentation of work in progress (20-minute presentation followed by a
10-minute open discussion).

To submit a proposal, please send an abstract of 600-1000 words (including
reference to cited works) to: 
congresso at aitla.it by 30 July 2018. 

Please specify the chosen presentation format (one of the three illustrated
above) and the name and affiliation of presenter(s). The proposals will be
sent to the Scientific Committee for a blind review selection process based on
the following criteria: (1) adequacy to the chosen format, (2) relevance to
the conference theme, (3) clear grounding in existing literature, (4)
methodological adequacy, and (5) originality of actual or expected results.
If two or more proposals have the same score, priority might be given to
proposals for poster presentations for organisational reasons.

Notification of acceptance will be provided by 30 September 2018.

The conference languages are Italian, English and French.

Authors who are interested in publishing their paper presented at the
conference in the Association’s volume “Studi AItLA” are asked to send a full
manuscript, written in Italian, to congresso at aitla.it by 30 April 2019. The
manuscripts will undergo a revision process by the volume’s editors.
For further information please visit the Conference website: 

Scientific Committee:
S. Dal Negro, L. Gavioli, F. Guerini, A. Marra, N. Puddu. I. Pinto, I.E. Putzu

Organising Committee:
A. Marra, N. Puddu. I. Pinto, I.E. Putzu


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