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Subject: 29.2935, Calls: Computational Linguistics/Romania

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Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2018 17:52:16
From: Diana Trandabat [diana.trandabat at gmail.com]
Subject: 13th Edition of the International Conference on Linguistic Resources and Tools for Processing Romanian Language

 Full Title: 13th Edition of the International Conference on Linguistic Resources and Tools for Processing Romanian Language 
Short Title: ConsILR 2018 

Date: 22-Nov-2018 - 23-Nov-2018
Location: Iasi, Romania 
Contact Person: Diana Trandabat
Meeting Email: diana.trandabat at gmail.com
Web Site: http://consilr.info.uaic.ro/2018 

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 01-Sep-2018 

Meeting Description:

ConsILR 2018
22-23 November 2018, Jassy, Romania

The 13th edition of the International Conference on Linguistic Resources and
Tools for Processing Romanian Language, a conference of the Consortium for the
Informatization of the Romanian Language (ConsILR) is dedicated to the
unification of Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina with the Romanian
Kingdom - 100 years

Keynote speakers:

- Corneliu Burileanu - University Politehnica, Bucharest, Romania
- Gheorghe Chivu - University of Bucharest, Romania 
- Edward Fox - Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, United States 
- Diana Inkpen - University of Ottawa, Canada

ConsILR-2018 will be hosted by “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Jassy.
Attendance to the event will also be possible through video conference.

The series of ConsILR conferences began in 2001, at the initiative of a group
of researchers from Jassy, Bucharest and Kishinev, which have created, under
the aegis of the Romanian Academy, the Commission for the Informatization of
the Romanian Language, which subsequently formed, as an executive forum, the
Consortium for the Informatization of the Romanian Language. The initiative
had as principal goal to foster the collaboration between the linguists and
computer scientists interested in the study of Romanian language. 

Call for Papers:

This year’s event is dedicated to the celebration of the Centennial of the
1918 Great Union. On the one hand, the 1918 historical Union would not have
been done if the linguistic unity of language was not already a fact a long
time before and, on the other hand, the modern Romanian language was certainly
influenced by this Union. We call for research that evidence the formation of
the modern Romanian language, describing lexical, morphological, syntactic,
discourse and/or pragmatic layers in both the analysis and the production of
language, seen as speech and/or text. Contributions empirically evidencing
Romanian language peculiarities in contrast with other languages or within its
idioms, multi-word expressions, syntactic and semantic structures, so much
culture-bound or nature-related, are especially welcome. 


- achievements in theoretical linguistics able to inspire language
- linguistic resources, textual or spoken, in original and annotated format;
- lexicographic resources in electronic form, dictionaries and lexical
- linguistic technologies applied to Romanian language or to other languages
(inspiring their applicability for Romanian);
- various applications using linguistic technologies;
- linking of different types of linguistic resources, monolingual or
- creation, maintenance, annotation and exploitation of linguistic corpora;
- annotation conventions for textual and spoken language resources,
exploitation of annotated resources in corpus-based machine learning
- textual big data;
- aligned multilingual and multimodal resources and their applications;
- research projects involving language technologies;
- any other thematic area, circumscribed to the fields of theoretical and
experimental linguistics, computational linguistics and natural language
processing, either dedicated to Romanian language, or applicable to Romanian.

Important dates:

- Submitting the abstracts (max 300 words) – 1 September 2018;
- Submitting the papers – 15 September 2018;
- Receiving the reviews – 1 October 2018;
- Early registration –  7 October 2018;
- Submitting the final form of the paper – 1 November 2018;
- Late registration – 22 November 2018 (on place);
- Conference and volume publication – Springer publication, after the

Abstract Submission Link:


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