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Subject: 29.2950, TOC: Target 30 / 2 (2018)

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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 11:38:59
From: Karin Plijnaar [karin.plijnaar at benjamins.nl]
Subject: Target Vol. 30, No. 2 (2018)

Publisher:	John Benjamins
Journal Title:  Target 
Volume Number:  30 
Issue Number:  2 
Issue Date:  2018 

Main Text:  

2018. iii, 157 pp.

Table of Contents


Walking the tightrope: The role of Peruvian indigenous interpreters in prior
consultation processes
Raquel De Pedro Ricoy, Rosaleen Howard and Luis Andrade Ciudad 
Pages 187–211

Interpreter-mediated drafting of written records in police interviews: A case
Bart Defrancq and Sofie Verliefde 
Pages 212–239

Key clusters as indicators of translator style
Lorenzo Mastropierro 
Pages 240–259

Transculturation and Bourdieu’s habitus theory: Towards an integrative
approach for examining the translational activity of literary translators
through history
Jesús Sayols 
Pages 260–287

The editor’s invisibility: Analysing editorial intervention in translation
Mario Bisiada 
Pages 288–309

Re-thinking translation quality: Revision in the digital age
Christopher D. Mellinger 
Pages 310-331

Book reviews

Review of Wolf & Sturge (2015) The Habsburg Monarchy’s Many-Languaged Soul:
Translating and Interpreting, 1848–1918
Reviewed by Bieke Nouws 
Pages 332–337

Review of Montero Domínguez (2017) El doblaje. Nuevas vías de investigación
Reviewed by Jesús Meiriño-Gómez 
Pages 338–343

Linguistic Field(s): Ling & Literature


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