29.3038, Qs: Your view on English Medium Instruction (EMI)

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Subject: 29.3038, Qs: Your view on English Medium Instruction (EMI)

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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2018 13:07:32
From: Hengxing HE [hehengxing at m.scnu.edu.cn]
Subject: Your view on English Medium Instruction (EMI)

Dear linguist,

As the English language has been playing a significant role in today's
globalisation, its further internationalisation in non-English speaking
countries/regions by means of English Medium Instruction (EMI) has become one
of the academic concerns of the world, especially in terms of its relationship
with the local languages in these relevant countries/regions. And there are
inconsistent views in this research topic which I am presently doing.

I think we could see the better fact of it if linguists of the world can offer
their views in such an issue. Therefore, I have designed a survey with only 5
choice-making questions as follows:

Could you be so kind as to help me complete this small survey. Your
participation would help me better understand such an isse and make my
research internationally valuable.

Thank you!

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics


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