CFP: Distributed Computing Architectures for Digital Libraries

Michael L. Nelson m.l.nelson at
Thu Feb 7 22:11:25 UTC 2002

                          Call for Papers

   Workshop on Distributed Computing Architectures for Digital Libraries

                     to be held in conjunction with the

     31st International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP 2002)
                   Vancouver, Canada August 18-21, 2002

Workshop Co-Chairs:

Johan Bollen <jbollen at>
Department of Computer Science
Old Dominion University
Norfolk VA, 23529, USA

Michael L. Nelson <m.l.nelson at>
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton VA 23681


Digital libraries (DLs) are increasingly common on the Web,
providing ordered, vetted digital collections to targeted user groups.
To date, much of DL research has focused on the acquisition and
representation of digital objects, optimizing and personalizing user
services, and interoperability efforts.  Few DLs employ mirrors, much less
some of the more sophisticated, non-client-server architectures found
in WWW deployment, e.g. peer-to-peer systems and distributed storage
architectures.  Although these new architectures have been succesfully
applied to a large number of Internet services, they have had little
impact on DL research.  Are they technically suitable for DL use, or do
social and economic issues prevent their adoption?

This workshop will explore these issues as well as highlight some of the
more novel DL architectures.  A range of theoretical, technical,
and speculative papers are sought to discuss and propose alternate DL
architectures and approaches.  Papers are requested in the following
and related topics:

        - Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems
        - Adaptive digital libraries
        - Wireless access to digital libraries
        - Grid computing
        - Distributed searching
        - Metadata harvesting
        - Distributed storage systems
        - Serverless storage and information retrieval
        - DL requirements vs. ordinary web requirements
        - Provenance, trust, integrity and archival issues
          in distributed digital libraries

Important Dates:

        April 20, 2002           Paper Submission
        May 15, 2002             Notification of acceptance
        June 1, 2002            Camera-ready copies due

Submission details:

Authors are invited to submit research contributions representing
original, previously unpublished work. Submitted papers will be carefully
evaluated by the technical committee for originality, significance,
technical soundness, and clarity of exposition.  Submissions will only
be accepted in PDF, emailed to the co-chairs.  Accepted papers will be
published by IEEE Computer Society Press as proceedings of the ICPP'2002
workshops. All submitted papers must be formatted according to the author
guideline provided by IEEE Computer Society Press (two column-format),
and accepted papers must not exceed six pages.  Please contact the
co-chairs with any questions.

Technical Committee

- Kurt Bollacker, Long Now Foundation (kurt at
- Johan Bollen, Old Dominion University (jbollen at
- Ed Chi, XEROX PARC (echi at
- Fabio Crestani, Strathclyde (fabioc at
- Cliff Joslyn, Los Alamos National Laboratory (joslyn at
- Thomas Krichel, Long Island University (thomas.krichel at
- Michael Nelson, NASA Langley Research Center (m.l.nelson at
- Luis M. Rocha, Los Alamos National Laboratory (rocha at
- Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory
- Simeon Warner, Cornell (simeon at
- Mohammad Zubair, Old Dominion University (zubair at

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