OLAC Launched at the LSA

Steven Bird sb at unagi.cis.upenn.edu
Sat Jan 5 06:39:52 UTC 2002

Today OLAC was launched at the 76th meeting of the Linguistic Society of
America, held in the San Francisco Hyatt Regency Hotel.  The launch marks
the freezing of the OLAC standards for a one-year period to support
widespread adoption.

The symposium consisted of the following presentations:

  Gary Simons:
    The Seven Pillars of Open Language Archiving
  Helen Dry:
    OLAC and Linguist List
  Megan Crowhurst:
    Web Based Archiving as a Tool for Language Preservation and Maintenance
  Chu-Ren Huang:
    Language Archives and Linguistic Anchoring of Digital Archives
  Mark Liberman:
    Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues Concerning the
    Recording and Publication of Primary Language Materials
  Gary Holton:
    Creating an OLAC Data Provider at ANLC
  Steven Bird:
    Getting Involved in OLAC

The presentations included live demonstrations of:
- the metadata harvesting protocol
- the new service provider on the LINGUIST List site
- and the new OLAC Repository Editor

All abstracts and presentation slides are now posted on the OLAC
website at http://www.language-archives.org/docs.html

Steven Bird

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