Call for review of new metadata documents

Gary Simons gary_simons at SIL.ORG
Thu Mar 6 04:33:06 UTC 2008

Dear community,

Six months ago the US National Science Foundation awarded funding for a
project named "OLAC: Accessing the World's Language Resources" which aims to
greatly improve access to language resources for linguists and the broader
communities of interest. If you are interested in learning more about the
project, you may visit the project home page at:

In the first phase of the project we are focusing on improving metadata
quality as a prerequisite to improving the quality of search.  To that end
we have drafted some new documents that can serve as a basis for improving
and measuring metadata quality within our community:

   Best Practice Recommendations for Language Resource Description

   OLAC Metadata Usage Guidelines

   OLAC Metadata Quality Metrics

These documents have been reviewed in Draft status by the Metadata Working
Group. After significant revision, they are now promoted to Proposed status
and are thus ready for review by the entire community. In keeping with the
OLAC Process standard, we hereby make a formal call for review. The review
period will end on MARCH 31, at which point all of the comments that have
been received will be processed to create revised versions of the documents.
Please submit your comments by addressing a message to:

   olac_project at

Thank you for your interest and participation. 

Best wishes,
Gary & Steven

Steven Bird, University of Melbourne and University of Pennsylvania
Gary Simons, SIL International and GIAL
OLAC Coordinators (

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