Some comments on the LINGUIST service provider

Helen Aristar Dry hdry at LINGUISTLIST.ORG
Sun Nov 3 16:04:30 UTC 2002

OOOPs...thanks very much, Baden.  We will deal with the broken
link asap.  About the search suggestion:  our "simple search" was
intended to do exactly what you describe . . . with the addition of
the ability to search by language, which we thought many linguists
would want.  The addition of a single search blank on the home
page has sort of unbalanced the system--as Steven points out, 3
levels of search seem too much.  But he suggests having a search
blank, plus a full search.  I guess I just need to think about whether
there's some way to do both what he suggests and what you
suggest.    I don't see it right now.  But I really appreciate the
feedback.  Thanks for taking the time to make these suggestions.

All the best,

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> >From dealing with some new end users who have been introduced to OLAC
> via the Linguist interface, I've got a couple of related comments.
> Users would like to have a simple search - by title, author, description
> and subject language. This would mean author would be added to the
> existing Quick Search.
> There is a difference between the number of archives actively searched
> on the LL site and those registered at the OLAC site. I would have
> assumed automated harvesting of the new archives as they are registered
> at either location ?
> An ultra-low level comment, when you click on the link at the bottom of
> the LinguistList OLAC page:
> "If you would like to help with the OLAC enterprise, please let us know!
> Thank you in advance for your help!  "
> An email message is launched, but there's no email address to send
> things to (ie mailto: is malformed).
> Baden

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