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Naomi Yamaguchi naomi.yamaguchi at
Tue Jul 4 05:59:14 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing troubles with generating Praat textgrids with Phon. 
I am using Phon 2.2.0b16, on a Mac (OS El Capitan).

I have the wav sound for my file, and when I click on « Generate Textgrids » on the Textgrids button in the Speech Analysis module, the regular window opens. I can select the records I want (I have tried with all records and for one speaker), I click Next, and then I arrive on the following window (cf screenshot)
Then as you can see, the Next button is faded. I can click on the Generate Textgrid button but nothing happens.

Has anyone a clue about that ?

I have tried with past versions of Phon (can’t remember which ones, but it was before the 2.2) and it worked.

Thanks a lot for your help !


MCF, Responsable de la Licence de Sciences du Langage
ILPGA & Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie (UMR 7018)
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3
19 rue des Bernardins, 75005 Paris - Bureau 13
Tél. : 01 44 32 05 77 <> <>

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