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Christophe dos Santos master.fle.1 at
Thu Jul 19 08:24:46 EDT 2018

Hi Yvan & Greg,

I can imagine that you already had such idea,"mais au cas où" as we say in 

When using the lay out "transcription", and transcribing in IPA a language 
not known by the transcriber, it will be of a great help to have the option 
when opening the IPA map to chose to hear each sounds of the IPA map in 
order to compare it with the sound to transcribe coming from an unknown 

Then with the IPA map we would have to option : inserting a IPA symbol on 
one of the tier, or hearing a sound from the map to help the transcriber on 
making the correct symbol choice.

Do you think it would be useful for the purpose of Phon ?



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