conference - linguistic annotation of media

Nicholas Thieberger thien at UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Wed Dec 14 20:33:05 UTC 2005

A conference  on linguistic annotation will be held at the University 
of Melbourne on February 15/16th 2006 with a hands-on workshop on 
Friday 17th.  The primary aim of the conference is to develop 
guidelines for an online, annotatable and browsable media corpus that 
will be applicable to each of the test corpora in our ARC-funded 
Eresearch project.

We have six testbed projects that are all using video and are asking 
them  to prepare presentations about the ways in which they work with 
their research recordings, and a wishlist of how they would like to 
work with them.

We will see demonstrations of Annodex, Vannotea, and other relevant 
tools and have a discussion of proposals for programming to adapt 
existing tools and to make them

For the workshop there will be a guided use of transcription tools 
and discussion of workflow and data management - Elan , Transcriber , 
ITE, Annodex, Vannotea

Topics to be discussed include:
Tools and techniques for annotation
Methods for storage of annotations
Authentication of annotations
Metadata systems for location of primary data
Relationships between datatypes
	Examples from PARADISEC - image files and related audio
	Metadata for tracking relationships (METS, Dublin Core)
Possibilities for collaboration with similar projects

For further details please contact Nick Thieberger, thien at

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