DCMI Metadata issue

Linguist Linguist at NOONGAR.ORG.AU
Thu Nov 24 03:58:08 UTC 2005

Hi all:
its Rachel from the South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council.
Just a small question which might be a really dumb one, what's the
difference between the element refiners and the qualification schemes in
the DCMI?
Is element to element-refiner the same as element to qualifier? I note
that some element refiners can be qualified by a scheme or two.
At first I thought it was to do with something like qualitative versus
quantitative but now I am not sure.
I am not well versed in XML, so haven't looked at the code to see.
If there's an easy ref. to a descriptive difference on the DC site or
the OLAC site, that would be appreciated :-)
Rachel Cross
South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council
7 Harvey St, Victoria Park WA 6979
P. 9486 2400
Email Linguist at noongar.org.au <mailto:Linguist at noongar.org.au> 
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