Hand-held devices for learners

Andrea Berez andrea at LINGUISTLIST.ORG
Mon Aug 14 23:20:06 UTC 2006

Hello List,
A friend of mine is working with an elder in her community to learn her 
heritage language, and has asked for a recommendation for a hand-held 
device with the following features (in order of priority, high to low):

1. Inexpensive
2. For viewing Word documents, pdfs, and images of scanned paper 
3. Capable of "handling audio" (she wasn't more specific than this; I 
assume she means mp3 playback or the like, but she may mean low-quality 
recording as well)
4. Internet capable

If you can suggest such a device, I would be much obliged. Remember, it's 
not necessarily for fieldwork, but rather for convenience.

Best wishes,
Andrea Berez

Andrea Berez
Research Assistant
andrea at linguistlist.org

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