Marantz PMD 671

Gail Coelho gc13 at SOAS.AC.UK
Wed Aug 30 10:34:07 UTC 2006

Yes, the Marantz PMD671 does default to batteries if the mains power is 
interrupted. But I found the Marantz battery very unreliable and so cannot 
tell you exactly how long it's battery life is. I found it much better to 
use a set of 8 NiMH batteries -- these would quite reliably last for 5 
hours, although the manual says that they should last 7 hours. Also they 
charge in an hour, if you buy the right charger.


At 11:25 PM 27/08/2006, myf wrote:
>Can someone tell me how long the battery life of the Marantz PMD671 is, say
>recording at 24bit/48khz?
>Also, does anyone know if the mains power is interrupted (but still plugged
>into the unit), will the machine default over to the batteries?

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