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Nicholas Thieberger thien at UNIMELB.EDU.AU
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While I don't have an answer to the Intel Mac issues, I have found 
that Elan now has the ability to 'segment', that is to assign 
timecoded chunks to a file by playing the media and hitting the 
return key. This was what I saw as the big advantage of Transcriber, 
and it may be that Transcriber has had its day. The developers are 
not responsive, unlike Elan, and Elan is getting easier to use as a 
result. There is an issue in the installation of 2.6.2 on Macs which 
means it can only be launched via the webstart version.


At 10:32 PM -0800 23/6/06, Gary Holton wrote:
>Has anyone had trouble running Transcriber on the new Intel Macs? 
>With vers. 1.4.5 I get no sound at all; vers. 1.5.1 gives garbled 
>high-speed audio output. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
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