Non-roman and Transcriber

Doug Marmion dem at COOMBS.ANU.EDU.AU
Wed Mar 29 22:52:54 UTC 2006

For those interested in Transana it may be worthwhile looking at 
'What's New in Transana 2.10?' at 
<>. Unfortunately the 
unicode implementation is limited.


At 8:25 AM +1100 30/3/06, Nicholas Thieberger wrote:
>Transcriber unfortunately seems to be able neither to display nor 
>enter Unicode, given that typing Unicode directly into the 
>underlying .trs file makes that file unreadable by Transcriber. The 
>discsussion of Transcriber on Sourceforge 
>suggests the developers have known for some time about the Unicode 
>I have looked briefly at Transana and find that it is nowhere near 
>as simple to use as Transcriber. I think my next step will be to 
>insert timecodes via Transcriber since it does that so well and then 
>import that file into Elan for transcription.
>At 11:12 AM -0600 29/3/06, Claire Bowern wrote:
>>I don't use Transcriber (I use Elan) but I have exchanged emails in 
>>the past with at least one software developer who did not realise 
>>that the ability to display unicode fonts and the ability to enter 
>>unicode characters are different coding issue. That may be the 
>>problem here.
>>I have tried Transana, but not since they introduced unicode 
>>support. In fact, the unicode issue was the main reason I chose 
>>Elan over Transana. I thought the interface and usability of 
>>Transana was great, and it handled everything I wanted it to 
>>(audio, video, multiple annotation tiers, tags, exports), but the 
>>font issue was the deciding factor for me.
>>Heidi Johnson wrote:
>>>This is bad news about Transcriber. It doesn't sound like 
>>>something we should be
>>>promoting through our OLAC tutorials, if it doesn't support any 
>>>Unicode fonts.
>>>Has anybody tried Transana, from the University of Wisconsin? It's 
>>>also free, open
>>>source, etc. They discuss Unicode issues on this page:
>>>In summary, it's supposed to work with UTF-8 encoding, but they 
>>>note areas in
>>>which theory and practice fail to mesh.

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