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Patrick McConvell Patrick.McConvell at AIATSIS.GOV.AU
Wed Mar 29 23:39:36 UTC 2006

John and all,

CLAN is not a concordance program as such but provides concordance-like
functions in the CLAN commands. It is dual platform incl OSX,
downloadable free from 

CLAN requires text for analysis to be in the CHAT transcription system,
which is designed primarily for conversation although it can do
monologue. The concordancing functions have limited standard options of
displaying the utterance (normally sentence) in which the target item
occurs. CLAN allows variation on the scope of the context, but the way
of doing this is  less user-friendly than some other concordance

If you want to include grammatical information in your concordance
search, you probably need to add additional tiers and most people use a
MOR tier which has a structured syntax for its coding  and builds a
linked lexicon.As the manuals state rather laconically this is 'for the
serious user'. Off the shelf versions of MOR are becoming available for
major world languages but not for less studied and small endangered

Referring to earlier discussion, CLAN/CHAT also supports Unicode.

Pat McConvell

>>> John Giacon <jgiacon at> 30/03/2006 10:09:19 am >>>
I now move between a mac and PC so was wondering if anyone knows if
  there is a concordance program, easy to get for



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