toponymy recording

M Garde murraygarde at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Sat Dec 1 11:11:52 UTC 2007

Two things:
1. This query relates to the recording of place names (in an aircraft  
or in a motor vehicle) as part of a larger lexicography project. In  
the past we have used GPS and a PC-based GIS software called Fugawi  
and have connected our GPSs to PC laptops only. As we are all mostly  
Mac users by preference, has anyone come across any system, hard/ 
software that allows one to connect a GPS to a Mac (a MacBookPro in  
fact) via Mac GIS software in order to navigate/view waypoints via  
the laptop? We haven't tried virtual-PC as an option yet.

2. And another thing, have we in this list (or elsewhere) reviewed  
the Sony Linear PCM-D1 digital recorder?

Murray Garde

Dr Murray Garde
ARC Linkage Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Languages and Linguistics
University of Melbourne

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