Transcriber to Toolbox Converter

Andrew Margetts apmargetts at IPRIMUS.COM.AU
Tue Mar 4 09:09:15 UTC 2008

Dear all,

I would like to draw your attention to a new online resource for 
converting Transcriber files directly into Toolbox files:

This converter makes the same kind of conversions that Elan makes (which 
means you can still send your Toolbox files in and out of Elan) but more 
directly and without any need for 'post-processing'.

It also adds a special 'marker' that rewrites the existing timecode and 
filename information in a format that allows Toolbox to play the sound 
chunks - a really valuable feature of Toolbox since version 1.5.

This is a web based application. The way it works is that you upload a 
Transcriber file, review the conversion on screen (which is made as soon 
as the file is received) and then download the resulting file if you are 
satisfied. There is provision for saving your own settings for marker 
names which means that, once set up, each conversion is a more or less 
'one-click' affair.

As well as converting your Transcriber files, the site can provide you 
with a Toolbox 'type' file and an Elan 'marker' file for opening the 
files in Toolbox and importing/exporting them to/from Elan respectively. 
These files use the same settings as for your Transcriber conversions, 
i.e. they are matched to your Toolbox files.

This converter is based on our project's needs but I have tried to 
generalise the process enough so that it is of use to others. Even if 
you already have a working conversion regime, I encourage you to have a 
look at this alternative: because it is not based around consecutive 
dialogue boxes it could save you time.

I would welcome all responses.

Andrew Margetts
Saliba-Logea DoBes team

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