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Hi Emily,


I would suggest  looking at Sony and Canon brands only, they are the
better brands at either consumer or professional level. Even though tape
is a pain that is what we use, we bought the best consumer HD
MiniDV(handheld ($2700au) that we could buy, no use telling you what
model because they change so quickly.  I would suggest that you also
need to consider the accessories in terms of getting everything in your


Please consider the following, we have all of these:


Video Microphones or whether you can use your own Mic's.

UV Filter for protection of lenses especially.

Extra Batteries, we can video all day without having to recharge.

Wide Angle and Zoom lenses. We use these when videoing places on country
for connecting with stories and language. Also for significant events.


Lighting ??? (we have not needed extra light yet)

Carry Bag.


And a really good fair dinkum salesperson who actually videos not just
sells who can better advise.

We only buy from specialty stores.


Note to record HD MiniDV you don't have to buy HD tapes, we use standard
MiniDV tapes and immediately dump to hard drive then archive original

Always record at the highest setting as you can always downgrade the
quality for other uses, but you cant make Std video HD.


I think that the Video Camera is the most important recorder of them
all, people may not like me saying this, but because video has not been
used much over the years but mainly analogue or digital audio recorders
we have lost so much more knowledge of our people, when our people pass
away we have also lost the facial expressions, the mouth movements, the
hand gestures, the sign language, the environment and the memories.


I wish I could get a hundred cameras and hand them to our people and
tell them video, video, video, that's it.  We need a army of Video







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Subject: video camera options


Dear RNLD crew,

We're looking to buy a digital video camera for the digital
archive/language documentation program here at the University of Hawai'i
and are wondering if anyone has any ideas about what brands, formats, or
models might be good.  We're hoping to get something on the high side of
the consumer end or low professional.  

A few specific questions:
-recording onto MiniDV - is this pretty standard?  Are there better
-High Definition - is this worth getting?
-anything we should look for in terms of the lens?


Emily Bartelson
MA program
Department of Linguistics
University of Hawai'i

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