reliability codes

Steven Bird sb at CSSE.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Wed Oct 29 21:23:48 UTC 2008

Is anyone aware of a standard vocabulary for documenting the
reliability of word lists, or of transcriptions in general?

Here's one from Wordsurv Manual (Wimbish 1989:31), which is focussed
on language surveys:

Figure 4.2 Word list reliability codes

A Data are the result of many years of field work in the language.
B Data are the result of a short, intensive period of field work in
the language.
C Average survey situation with good bilingual informants and
satisfactory opportunity to double check.
D Average survey situation, but difficulties in bilingual elicitation
and not satisfactorily double checked.
E Below average survey situation, for instance, with monolingual elicitation.

Is there any other scheme of reliability coding for linguistic data?
-Steven Bird

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