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Why don't you use HTML rather than .pdf?

2009/6/3 Stephen Morey <S.Morey at>

> Making a .pdf of a complex word document
> I want to make a .pdf version of a word document that has a large number
> of internal links (bookmarks, headings &c) and a large number of
> external links. The external links are
> a) To other .pdf files that were word documents that have bookmarks in
> them
> b) To some of the bookmarks within the other /pdf files referred to in
> (a)
> c) To sound and possibly video files in /wav and .mpg format
> respectively
> d) To photographs in .jpg format
> When trying to make the .pdf file using Adobe writer, several problems
> were encountered
> 1)      Word creates a system of relative references to files, searching
> for other files according to the relation between the source file and
> the file to be linked to. .pdf on the other hand relies on absolute
> references, which means that it searches back for the same file
> structure as the original files.
> 2)      The main .pdf file cannot link to a bookmark in the other .pdf
> file to be linked to, nor to a bookmark in a word file. Word can do
> these things.
> 3)      Only after some significant tinkering with settings was it
> possible to get a .pdf file that linked to a .wav file so that the .wav
> file would play automatically. On those settings the document would take
> many hours to convert to .pdf as it searched and re-searched every link,
> table cell &c.
> Has anybody encountered these issues and does anyone have any ideas of
> how to deal with them?
> The background to this is that for every language example we want to
> provide a clickable link to (i) a file containing a full transcription
> and analysis of the text from which the example came, (ii) the place in
> that file where the example is found, for immediate checking of context
> and (iii) a sound file of the example so that any reader / researcher
> can listen to and check the example.
> Many thanks to you all
> Stephen Morey

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