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From: Han Sloetjes <han.sloetjes at mpi.nl>
Date: 2009/6/18
Subject: ELAN and Mac OS X
To: ELAN Discussion Group <elan at mpi.nl>

Dear Mac-ELAN user,

Today we have made available an updated version of ELAN 3.7.2 for the
Mac. In this release we try to tackle a number of media playback
problems. Depending on the combination of Mac OS version, QuickTime
version and hardware (PowerPC or Intel) the following errors could

1) crash of ELAN when opening a (transcription with a) media file
2) crash of ELAN when closing a window containing a media file
3) synchronisation of multiple video's not working correctly
4) crash when detaching/attaching a video from/to the main window
5) crash or freeze when changing the linked media files
6) freeze of ELAN when saving a video frame as an image
7) freeze of the video image once the playhead has crossed the
(roughly) "60% of media duration" boundary
8) slow updating of the screen once the end-of-media is in the visible
area of the timeline viewers

The problems 1 through 3 are related to our Cocoa-QuickTime based
media player solution. We have tried to fix these problems and have
tested the new player on several combinations of Mac OS version and
processor. But, we don't have all possible combinations around, so
please report if you still experience crashes.
Problem 4 and 5 could occur both with the Cocoa-QuickTime and the
QuickTime for Java player, 4 can still happen with QT for Java
Problems 6 and 7 are specific to the QT for Java player, where 7 only
seems to occur with QuickTime version 7.6. or higher.
The last problem was independent of the media player in place.

The problems in the QT for Java player have not been solved, these
problems seem out of our control. Therefore the default player is
again the Cocoa-QT player. If needed, one can still switch to the QT
for Java player as described here:

We hope this helps.

Best regards,

Han Sloetjes
-MPI for Psycholinguistics-

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