video cameras (Q3 experience)

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Thanks a lot for this information John, I have also been wondering how the Q3 performs in the field! I have a few additional questions that I would appreciate your opinion on:

- How did you find the battery life and/or were there other power issues that came up?
- Did you do any transcription using the Q3 for play-back, and if so how did that go?


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> Steven wrote:
> >I just got a Zoom Q3 to try out in PNG.  Has anyone else used these yet?
> I just returned from 3 weeks of recording with the Q3 in a remote village here in PNG.  I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  Sure, the video quality is poor (640x480), but the audio seem good (but I’m not actually qualified to measure it).  The people love being able to see each other’s  and their own recordings so easily.  The device is almost toy-like, but this can be used to one’s advantage, helping people relax and enjoy the process.
> Downsides:
  > 1)      It can be hard to keep the gathered crowd of kids (in my case, seeing moving images for the first time in their lives) from making a lot of noise.  So next time, I’ll fashion some kind of hinged cover for the screen, to make it less interesting.
  > 2)      The display does not tell you which recording number you’re on, so it’s difficult to put in your notebook which recording goes with those notes.
  > 3)      There were times when I would have really liked an external microphone jack.
  > 4)      Transfer to a computer through the handy built-in USB plug is very slow.  The SD card can be removed and plugged into the computer for faster transfer.
  > 5)      You get 24-bit, 96 khz when recording audio only, but only 48 khz when simultaneously recording video.
> By the way, I found that using the BOLD-PNG-supplied Olympus to play back a vernacular consent questionnaire, while recording with the Q3, worked very well.
  > John Hatton 
 > SIL Papua New Guinea, Palaso, & SIL International Software Development
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