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carolyn barker carolyn at DDDDG.COM.AU
Fri Apr 16 05:10:34 UTC 2010

Hi Everyone RNLD

Daryn McKenny has asked me to do some work on the Our Languages  
website so we can start showcasing more of the wonderful number and  
diversity of Indigenous Language projects happening around Australia.

We are keen to receive regular updates from community projects. These  
can a couple of lines or long as you like with pictures, audio, video  
and/or a link to your website. You can email me an article or some  
notes, or a phone number to call so we can work something out on the  
phone. Below is a link to the latest article from Jedda Priman about  
the work she is doing in the Torres Strait to give you an example.

It would also be great to have some case studies/example projects on  
the site so if anyone has material written about their project which  
might take that form we'd be pleased to receive it.

We have found that regular news posts are a great way to make sure  
that our funding bodies are kept up to date with all the work we are  
doing, and making sure our projects are in their minds each funding  
round. The Our Languages site gets quite good hit statistics so keep  
it in mind as a way to help share information about the work you are  

All the best with your work, we look forward to hearing lots more  
about it.

Warm regards
Carolyn Barker

Our Languages 

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