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Margaret Carew margaret.carew at BATCHELOR.EDU.AU
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Hi -  - has anyone tried one or other of the Tascam portable recorders, especially the DR-100?


Cheers, Marg Carew

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The Sony PCM-D50 is the one I was talking about.  It compares to the more expensive PCM-D1 which is older and bulky.  Some say the mics are a little bit better on the D1 but not a $1000 dollars better.  In its price range the D50 is the best all in one recorder.  As far as hooking other mics in Im not too sure.  It is probably better to get something like the TASCAM HD-P2.  Tascam have another one which I just saw which looks like a great option DR-100.  It has 4 inbuilt mics plus XLR inputs. and is cheaper than HD-P2

Here is link to ebay for Sony PCM-P50


Tascam HD-P2





The DR-100 mic XLR inputs are only for microphone level. The Line level inputs are mini jacks like all smaller recorders.
The HD-P2 however uses the XLR for both mic and Line level.  They are very good machines, but obviously they dont have built mics so you would have to get a microphone to go with it.

This is that stereo mic I was on about. It is pretty cool. Rode NT4



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